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Gratitude and Faith

Lately, it seems that I have encountered so many people with so many stories of what they have been through in their life. Most of it having to do with health issues and dealing with close family member deaths or severe illnesses. Many have been shocking and tragic stories, others have been filled with hope and a deepened appreciation for life. No one knows how much time they have in this world. It puts things in perspective. It tests your sense of what is real and valuable in life. It makes you get off your ass and do something about the circumstances in your life because, after all, they are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Just go forward, one step at a time. Have some faith and don’t look back. Past is past and, oh yeah, easier said than done. Do it anyway, eventually the world will catch on, just see it through. Carpe diem. You get the picture. Okay, enough with the cliches.

And so a message from St. Germain: On the subject of Faith
This will be a brief discourse, although the subject bears much longer consideration. We would say to those that live within the world during these extraordinary times, that faith is often necessary to accomplish one’s goals and feed one’s dreams until they blossom into fruition. Faith carries hope, and without hope there can be no new endeavors, dreams or desires fulfilled. Otherwise, why bother pursuing a goal, if only to be constantly dashed upon the rocks of disappointment. Faith, a true belief in one’s self and the Creation to respond favorably to that belief, is evidenced in the action of pursuit of one’s desire until it comes to fruition. There is always hope, my friends, and dreams left unsatisfied tend to, if they are a matter of our Heart’s desire, linger in our psyche until we do something about them. And so we percieve things as we wish them to be, as we hope them to be and act in faith that we will, in fact, accomplish them.

Some dreams require a more diligent pursuit, but if given proper attention and the right circumstances, the dream becomes a reality. That reality is created by the person with the conviction, strength of mind and sometimes, sheer will determination, to see it through. Others fail, often just before bringing something to light, because they lack one of the aforementioned qualities. These qualities are in fact aspects of faith. Some will find this hard to understand. Action alone does not accomplish the goals of the Heart. It takes a manifold coordination of subtle energies to achieve said desire. The world is a complex weaving of energies and within the Grand Tapestry your will spins its web, intertwining itself with other aspects of the web of life, each one striving for new inroads to accomplish what it will. There are always responses coming to you from the Creation. If you pay attention to them you will find a smoother pathway to bring about your dreams, but you must pay attention. Not all things are created with difficulty but those things that are, are often the stuff that makes life worthwhile. They are often the things that are closest to ones Heart. So, walk forward with Faith into the unknown territory and remain open to receive the blessings that life has to offer you. You will find yourself fulfilled beyond measure if you have the courage to walk the path and see it through.
I Am St. Germain


Introductions are in order

Allow me to introduce myself further. I am a spiritual channel, metaphysical teacher and artist. I have conducted classes and workshops on various metaphysical subjects for over 20 years. We have entered into new territory these last few years and so I offer this message from the Masters for your consideration:

Greetings, we are here to extend the Light of inspiration to all those who are in need of some upliftment. The planetary processes are proceeding at a quickened pace. It is difficult for many of the aware to retain their balance in the flux of shifting energies that is occurring around them. To this we would say that the best way to maintain one’s self under the current conditions is to continually work at anchoring Light in and around you. It is through meditation and energy work that one will find salvation from the storm that is brewing around them. Some days will be better than others, as you are all working hard at clearing the codes of the old age and activating the codes for the new age. You all carry a piece of the puzzle. We would remind you that you are all volunteers for this assignment and no one said it would be easy. Nor did we know how the changes would affect you all directly, as individuals.

You are all working diligently to clear the codes of the old age and establish the codes of the new age. This work is of great importance, and while it is often difficult and challenging, you must all know how valuable your service is to the planetary consciousness as a whole. It is time for the people to return to the knowledge of the Oneness of nature and the consciousness that is inherent in all Life surrounding. Nature is to be restored to a pristine state and the consciousness of the planet along with it. The renewal of her form is reliant upon the change that can be affected in the awareness of the people of the planet. Ways and means are to be produced, based on ancient techniques and knowledge is to be disseminated for use by the masses. The distribution of knowledge through the enlightenment proceedings will trigger greater response ad infinitum until all upon the planet are raised up and join in the singing of the One Song.

We are entering a time of peace and prosperity. The world will no longer be held by the dark regimes that have held sway for so long. The Light shall prevail, my friends, the Light shall prevail. Do not be discouraged by the events on the surface. The circumstances within which you reside will shift and change according to your ability to stand firm in the Light of who you are. The struggles are ending; this is a time of rejoicing. You all have a choice and we urge you to continue to choose the best that you are. Rise above and you will See clearly, without obstruction, what is truly possible. New work will be handed to you. Flow with the changes, you will create as you wish and in the end you will marvel at the beauty of Life surrounding. Remember from whence you came and why you chose this mission. Peace be with you.