Archive | December 2014

Starting again.

I lost two members of my immediate family in the last 2 1/2 years. It began when my sister passed away after a 10 year battle with cancer. A year and a half later, I found myself moving to Florida on a moments notice to be with my dad after my mom passed. I still have my house up north. My life is a mess. All I want to do is paint; it’s all I think about. I find it ironic that it was here in Florida that I began to find my pathway into the art world. I’d been struggling for years to get things going before moving here from western NY.

I have been in Florida for a year now. I found myself painting with a plein air group here in Palm Beach County, which introduced me to some fellow artists and got me involved with the arts community to some extent here. I love being outdoors. I love nature and animals. So I started painting more and found my way into a gallery after participating in a plein air event they had last April. I joined the Arts Arena gallery in October. I was there for three months and hope to be back in again.

I still love doing abstracts and I am continuing to experiment. Some of my artwork is now posted on this blog. Who knows what I will come up with next. Well, that’s all for now.