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New beads

I am working on new elements for my jewelry. Here is a sneak preview of what I am doing.




I have been working extensively on my new site. Check it out! I now have some of my jewelry available for purchase, like this amethyst, flourite and silver bracelet.


Please share and spread the word.

Love and Light

Happiness is a choice

I have been working extensively on my goals, dreams, aspirations. Part of this is also continuing to believe in myself and my connection with the universe to accomplish what is within my heart of hearts. I wish you all peace. I have gone through a great deal this past year but I feel very strongly it is time to move forward and let the winds of change and divine creativity carry me forward.

That said. I have updated this site extensively with new products and services that I offer. There are now Paypal buttons for your convenience on the Jewelry Shop page. So far I have bracelets available for purchase and will be adding earrings and necklaces as I am able.

Love and Light,


Art in Palm Beach County

There is a thriving arts community here. Something that I find very attractive about the area. I have only been living here a little over a year but I have already met a lot of people in the arts field and started exhibiting locally. Quite amazing.

I love visiting the local galleries to see what other artists are doing. On Tuesday, my curiosity brought me to the Palm Beach Cultural Council Gallery in Lake Worth, FL. Here’s the link for more info . Enjoyed most of what I saw. Should have taken pictures to share some comments on what I saw. Oh well, next time. Live and learn. I particularly enjoyed the solo exhibits by Barbara Wasserman and Muriel S. Kaplan. Nice work.

My interests in art, as far as what I like to paint/draw, range from animals and landscapes to spiritual abstracts. I started doing pet portraits a couple of years ago and would like to pursue this further. Here is one of my works:

Pet portrait

Pet portrait

If you are interested in having a pet portrait done, please contact me at . Please share this post and pass it on to any animal or art lovers out there. Your help is appreciated.

Wonderful Life

I am a calm person. I don’t get hysterical over anything really, upset maybe but not hysterical. I consider it a good thing. So, when some idiots out there decided to go through my apartment complex and put holes in some tires of parked cars and one of those happened to be mine, I remained calm. Incredulous but calm. The main reason for that is that an angel was sent to help me. Came right to my door, in fact, in the form of my downstairs neighbor. Amazingly, he was already prepared with a tire repair kit and the willingness to help get me back on the road. I didn’t even know what had happened during the night, as I hadn’t needed to go out that morning. It was late afternoon and he took the tires off, repaired them, filled them with air and put them back on. The last part in the rain and he insisted I go inside at that point and let him finish up. That’s right, tires, not one, but two. Ain’t life grand.
It is nice to know that there are still people out there with the willingness to help others in need without a second thought. He even gave me a tire pressure gauge so I can keep an eye on it and put air in the tires if I need until I get a more permanent patch put in. I stand in awe.

I was actually making some forward progress on my goals for a successful art business that day; it was Monday. I was working on a necklace for my dad’s 89th birthday on Tuesday. He’s an amazing guy. Everyone thinks he’s around 72. The necklace came out well and he liked it. Here’s a picture:


Made a pair of earrings for myself while I was at it:


Amethyst, turquoise and silver with polymer clay beads. Fun. Of course I had to where them right away. More to come in that department.

Still didn’t finish the painting I started of the horse from the farm I went to yet, but I am working on it. Need 10 days in a week to get everything I want done.

Life is art

Ok. So I got distracted by some things the last couple days. The art of life, lately is managing all of the details and things I need to do to create the existence that I truly desire. In many ways I have achieved success but I still have a ways to go. At least I am walking the path, slowly but surely. It seems I have no choice but to grapple with my own demons and wrestle them to the ground. I am more accustomed to getting things done more efficiently and quickly but the last 3 years have slowed me down. I am gathering speed and hoping that the momentum takes me to where I want to be.

I am working on a new painting of a horse from a paint out I went to with the plein air group that I go out with occasionally. Hope to finish that in the next few days.
The point is to keep going with the faith that I know what is right within my heart of hearts. I will find my way. I know many people who are in a similar boat. We all need to help each other achieve more in life and support one another in creating the reality want. Everything is available but you must remain open to what life brings you. Discernment is key and remaining centered and true to your vision of life is crucial. Otherwise, well, I would rather not think of the alternatives. Life can become a drag when you get sucked into other peoples ideas of what reality should be. Stand firm, walk the path and amazing things will happen.

Love and Light,

Working on it

Working on new jewelry, revamping what I do with new content and will be appearing here soon. I just went out and bought some of the supplies that I needed; I can’t wait to get in my studio and make some new stuff. I love making things. I always have. I have so many ideas. Some of my gemstone and silver jewelry will be for sale on this website, along with the new jewelry that I will be making. I am adding some new materials.

Here is a bluelace agate and silver bracelet:

I will be adding the jewelry page as soon as I can, so stay tuned.

I did some work on a painting from the plein air paint-out that I went to yesterday. Didn’t finish it yet but I hope to tomorrow. Need more hours in the day.