Life is art

Ok. So I got distracted by some things the last couple days. The art of life, lately is managing all of the details and things I need to do to create the existence that I truly desire. In many ways I have achieved success but I still have a ways to go. At least I am walking the path, slowly but surely. It seems I have no choice but to grapple with my own demons and wrestle them to the ground. I am more accustomed to getting things done more efficiently and quickly but the last 3 years have slowed me down. I am gathering speed and hoping that the momentum takes me to where I want to be.

I am working on a new painting of a horse from a paint out I went to with the plein air group that I go out with occasionally. Hope to finish that in the next few days.
The point is to keep going with the faith that I know what is right within my heart of hearts. I will find my way. I know many people who are in a similar boat. We all need to help each other achieve more in life and support one another in creating the reality want. Everything is available but you must remain open to what life brings you. Discernment is key and remaining centered and true to your vision of life is crucial. Otherwise, well, I would rather not think of the alternatives. Life can become a drag when you get sucked into other peoples ideas of what reality should be. Stand firm, walk the path and amazing things will happen.

Love and Light,


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