The One and Only You Pt. 1

The thoughts for this post were prompted by an online discussion posted by a friend regarding “types of people”. People were postulating about this by projecting low numbers like 2, 3 or 4, mostly in regard to gender identity. My comment to all of this was, “There are 7.4 billion types of people in this world.” You are a unique type. There is only one you. You have a singular perspective of life based on your experience and education, in addition to your individual DNA coding. We are snowflakes. No two alike. And let us not forget, that you are a soul within a sea of consciousness immensely vast. Yet you are unique.

You may have similar life experiences that you have shared with others, but no one has the same birth experience, date, time and parents as you do. So, you may say, “What about twins?”. Well, they still have a unique birthing and they may share a common genetic makeup but they are still singularly unique beings of consciousness and experience.


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