The One and Only You Pt 2

Uniqueness is overshadowed by the accepted ordinariness in the world. The world will make you think that you need to conform to social norms perpetuated by ideals generated from a foundation of dogmatic programming. Paradigms vary around the globe but nonetheless leave their imprint on individual expression. Options still exist though.


We are adrift in a sea of consciousness so vast, so unfathomable. We are each a singularity but connected, part of that sea. Thus, each individual shares its experience with the All That Is. Some of those individuals create great changes in social paradigms, redirecting the social conscousness for good or ill. It is in the strength of the individual conscious being to stand up for the Light that is within them, to not give in to the darkness that would envelop their divinity and to perpetuate positive ripples in the mass consciousness.


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