Animals are the best


Cassie on her perch

This is an old picture but I like it. When I first brought the new scratching post home, Cassie immediately claimed the top perch as her territory. Athena, not in this picture took up residence at the base. Too funny. Cassie is now 18 1/2 years old. Still playful and going strong, along with her brother Thor.

This is her pet portrait.

Cassie Pet Portrait

Cassie Pet Portrait

I love animals, so I started doing pet portraits. I have a couple more examples on my site. I would greatly appreciate it if you would honestly consider having one done and contacting me. I am trying to build this up so I can do it as a primary source of income. I haven’t been doing it long but you could help me build my portfolio. I have very reasonable rates and I guarantee my work.

Capture the memory to enjoy for years to come. Please visit my pet portrait page to order your pet portrait. I accept major credit cards.


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