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The times are definitely changing. The earth is an active vital force of creation. We are connected to the earth as a consciousness creation. What we do, what we think as individuals and as a mass consciousness affects the planetary reality. The earth is a living being unto its self, embodying both male and female principles. The earth encompasses both aspects of nature. The earth is a unified life force entity. It exists within a larger universal matrix. Its density, its vibratory rate are its unique signature in the cosmic order. No place in the universe exists that is like it. It is our home world.

How we treat one another, how we treat the planet, the decisions that we make, create this reality. We are living in an age of expanding consciousness, the manifestation of our thought processes are becoming increasingly easier, as the vibratory rate of the planetary consciousness has increased. This can create much joy or it can create much grief. Discipline of thought and action are needed to bring about positive outcomes. As a group, humanity has the ability to achieve great things and to overcome the challenges that have been created by lack of awareness of the connectedness of life.

It is this connection that we are re-establishing in this movement. This is a movement of light, peace and well-being, life in balance. Restoring the balance of nature is of prime importance for humanity’s survival, but also of the other species that share this planet. We are not the only ones residing here. Every day there are losses. People who, through their greed and lack of regard for the life around them slaughter the innocents, for the sake of prestige and money in a corrupt world order. It is with open eyes and open hearts that we must walk this world now. Many species are being pushed to the brink of extinction. What will it take to turn the tide of destruction? If this sounds a bit harsh, it is meant to remind you of the old adage, ‘what goes around comes around’. What we do comes back to us. All life is connected. We are a part of the world and the other species are a part of us. When they die, a part of us dies, eating away at our souls until there is nothing left. What kind of world will we leave for our children and our children’s children?

The loss of wild places, wild habitat, must be curbed. Our survival depends on it. It is in those sanctuaries of life that the world will be saved. They are the last vestiges of the pristine world that once existed. The knowledge and the energies of these places hold the key to the restoration of balance and order in this world, and the animals of these places are the messengers, the emissaries, of the planetary consciousness. Saving them is saving ourselves.

There are people in this world who are doing great work to save the environment from further degradation and to restore it to a place for healthy living. Many places are being renewed, but there are still many people ‘in the dark’ about what they are doing and how it affects all life on this planet. So, what can you do to help? Be aware of the life around you. Take care of the local environment that is within your realm of awareness. Support recycling and alternative energy solutions and while not all of these solutions are ideal for all locations, such as the much debated wind generators of Wyoming county, there are better ways being created. The key is education. Educate yourself and educate your children. Teach them to love the environment and respect the life that is around them. Raise your awareness and theirs and the world of tomorrow will be a better place for it.

USGS Earthquake Center – latest earthquakes

List of environmental organizations:  This is a list of environmental organizations by organization type (intergovernmental, governmental or non-governmental) and further subdivided by country.

Greenpeace, the global activist organization started over 30 years ago

From (I liked the article even though the website is no longer operating)
Creating a New Energy Consciousness Participating in the Flows of the Universe Excerpt from Powering Our Future: An Energy Sourcebook for Sustainable Living. The text was modified to fit the website.

Currently, we live in a highly fragmented world in which the individual is viewed as independent of the community, food is independent of the ecosystem, and the toxins we release into the biosphere are independent of human health. Western culture has inadvertently deemed itself an invincible dictator of an intricate system that we neither fully understand nor can control. In moderation, the resilient planet has obeyed humanity’s demands for food production, resource extraction, and overpopulation, but not without cost. Our greed is demanding more than the earth can continue to provide. Desertification and erosion are encroaching upon once-fertile land. Wildlife is facing the sixth mass extinction in the planet’s four-billion-year history – and for the first time, it is life itself that is causing it. Global warming is upsetting the planet’s cycles and ecosystems, while threatening the lives of millions of people. Water will likely become one of the most fought-over resources in the coming decades. The severity of global political and economic unrest should be ringing alarm bells in our consciousness regarding the state of our planet, its resources, and the human family. Our current patterns are leading us down a path of rampant resource depletion and environmental destruction. In such a direction, the degradation and exhaustion of our planet and its resources are liable to force us to relinquish our current practices and seek new solutions that are globally sustainable.

Creating a new consciousness allows us to care deeply for ourselves through our respect for the earth and our global community. We innately carry the tools essential to living consciously, including the knowledge, the ability, and the desire to embody healthier living principles. These tools are the means by which we enter into a new awareness of ourselves and our relationship with the earth. To live well, we must live consciously and deliberately, acknowledging that we are vital participants of a greater system. Conscious living requires that we expand our vision beyond the limits of our own daily lives to include the global community, the biosphere, and future generations. A healthy paradigm includes a recognition of the essential life-supporting ecosystems from the air we breathe to the marshlands, woodlands, and aquatic systems that sustain us. Once we become aware of the complex system to which we are inextricably linked, we realize how crucial our individual contribution is to the whole system with all of its turmoil, strife, vitality, and beauty.

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