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Laughter is the best medicine

OK. Here I am. Didn’t finish the painting of my previous post. So I have to laugh at the absurdity of my life of late. The desire is there, the ideas scroll through my mind ad infinitum. The best ones usually come to me when I am busy with other things, like in the middle of a work shift. When I decide to sit and sketch, they vanish. Great. Full of energy at the wrong times too. Are we having fun yet? I just love the earth changes thing, it’s so much fun.

For you viewing pleasure, here is a painting I did awhile ago.


I am spiritual, very spiritual. I walk this world with full awareness of spirit and the energy of all life surrounding me. I have been fully aware for 28 years. I have had visions and a certain level of awareness since the age of 4, although I did not become more conscious until I was 25. I have always considered myself to be an upbeat, positive person but these have been challenging times. I think we chose this challenge, every bit of it. I say ‘we’ because I know others who are experiencing the same conditions of reality in the world as we think we know it.

That being said, are we having fun yet?  I am reminding myself and anyone who might read this and relate to it, laughter is the best medicine. Laugh, because it is all so absurd. Smile at your own fumblings and remember it is all of your making. As ridiculous as it may sound, greet each day as a fresh opportunity to take a step toward whatever goal or dream for which you want to shoot. Inch forward, crawl if you have to, but do not give up what is in your heart and soul to do. Remember who you are and the joy of living even in your lowest moments. If you and I can do that then, well, perhaps there is hope for this world.

Love and Light,



A Dove and a Butterfly, Soul Portraits and Readings

A dove landed on my balcony three times today when I was preparing posts and doing website updates. This never happened before. It stayed awhile too. Very reassuring. Bidding me peace and letting me know that the universe is with me. It gave me great hope. When the butterfly joined it, flittering around for awhile, I smiled. Yes, things are going to be alright. Faith is a funny thing. This inner sense of knowing that it will all work out and I will be happy with the results. I have worked too hard and too long for anything else. My consciousness will no longer accept anything else. So, it is.

I am attuned to the subtle nuances and signals that the universe sends me. I try to control what I put out as well. That is a harder discipline. I have been on this path all my life and consciously aware of it for almost 4 decades. OMG, is it that long. How can that be? 29 forever, right? Keeping your sense of humor these days is, I think, very important.

The reason I am sharing this is to remind people to pay attention to the little things. Life is sending you signals. Answers to your myriad questions are right before you, within you. Multiple solutions, multiple ways, which way is best is up to you to decide, and then ACT. Who you are is up to you, and you alone.

A wish list:

I wish you peace and joy and prosperity.

I wish for an end to world suffering, and that peace prevail sooner than later.

I wish for a cure for cancer to actually make it out to the market (it already exists). Cancer took my sister, too young, only 56. I know she is still with me, often.

I wish for my friends’ and family’s health and prosperity.

Soul Portrait

I am an artist and spiritual teacher/healer/medium.

I do soul portraits. Each portrait is accompanied by a reading, during which you will receive insightful information from the Masters, angels and your guides. Soul Portraits are available in acrylic on a 16″ x 20″ canvas $350

I do spiritual insight readings as well. $50 for 1/2 hour reading.

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Love and Light


Life, Identity and The Path

So, it’s been awhile since I have written. I decided to share part of a writing I received from St. Germain, an ascended master with whom I have had long association.

“Everyone on this planet has the ability and the resources to achieve anything that they wish, for it is all available to them if they would but seek the path. No one is exempt from this very basic universal law. Abundance is, in fact, a divine right and seeing as all is in divine order, even when it appears things are not. Everyone should be in a state of complete security and living a prosperous life. That prosperity is in fact engrained into the very fabric of existence of this planet. It cannot be put asunder so to speak, regardless of what the other side or your media might try to convince you to believe. None of you are ever alone and your needs will be met. Sometimes you must strive to reach higher ground in order to achieve greater abundance and prosperity; nobody said it would all be just handed to you without any work. You still have to do the work. It is just that you must do it with the belief that what you are doing is what you are meant to do. You create your reality and depending upon your own consciousness and what issues you may yet have, you will create what you desire. Sometimes it will come more easily than others.

Knowing the path and living the path may at first seem at odds with the character of the nature of your life. The biggest obstacle for most people is letting go of the fear of leaving the comfortable and heading straight on into unknown territory. Some people have learned to do this adroitly and with general abandon. They love the thrill of the chase, the pursuit of their happiness. Happiness is something worth pursuing, don’t you think? It must be, often, to be achieved. Things will seem easy at times and others they will require more input upon your part. The trick is to keep putting in. Once you get the flow going, there is nothing that you cannot achieve. So, if you have a dream or vision of what you want your life to be, you must grab onto it and begin to create it, everyday in whatever small way, until you achieve it. If you give up, you will never know what might have been. You will know when you are close to achieving your goals. You will feel it and you will push past the last of the obstacles that would stand in your path and you will fly free, soaring to new heights of attainment.”

I have been working with the Ascended Masters and Archangels, consciously, for 27 years. In regard to what St. Germain said, I have found that the more you accept yourself, the more others will too. The more you accept yourself, the more you work at who you are and not what others think you are or should be. You must have a vision of self that transcends the circumstances of your life and allow yourself to Be. We all have divinity within us. We are all creators. We all have dreams, goals, aspirations and certain talents and gifts. Being an individual with certain talents and a vision of life using those talents helps to manifest results in this world. Right action led by the divine within you can help you to flourish.

Obstacles occur, testing your devotion to the dream of self that you would live. Sometimes, persistence is required to see your goals through to fruition. The universe will respond. Keep believing.

Love and Light,

Gratitude and Faith

Lately, it seems that I have encountered so many people with so many stories of what they have been through in their life. Most of it having to do with health issues and dealing with close family member deaths or severe illnesses. Many have been shocking and tragic stories, others have been filled with hope and a deepened appreciation for life. No one knows how much time they have in this world. It puts things in perspective. It tests your sense of what is real and valuable in life. It makes you get off your ass and do something about the circumstances in your life because, after all, they are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Just go forward, one step at a time. Have some faith and don’t look back. Past is past and, oh yeah, easier said than done. Do it anyway, eventually the world will catch on, just see it through. Carpe diem. You get the picture. Okay, enough with the cliches.

And so a message from St. Germain: On the subject of Faith
This will be a brief discourse, although the subject bears much longer consideration. We would say to those that live within the world during these extraordinary times, that faith is often necessary to accomplish one’s goals and feed one’s dreams until they blossom into fruition. Faith carries hope, and without hope there can be no new endeavors, dreams or desires fulfilled. Otherwise, why bother pursuing a goal, if only to be constantly dashed upon the rocks of disappointment. Faith, a true belief in one’s self and the Creation to respond favorably to that belief, is evidenced in the action of pursuit of one’s desire until it comes to fruition. There is always hope, my friends, and dreams left unsatisfied tend to, if they are a matter of our Heart’s desire, linger in our psyche until we do something about them. And so we percieve things as we wish them to be, as we hope them to be and act in faith that we will, in fact, accomplish them.

Some dreams require a more diligent pursuit, but if given proper attention and the right circumstances, the dream becomes a reality. That reality is created by the person with the conviction, strength of mind and sometimes, sheer will determination, to see it through. Others fail, often just before bringing something to light, because they lack one of the aforementioned qualities. These qualities are in fact aspects of faith. Some will find this hard to understand. Action alone does not accomplish the goals of the Heart. It takes a manifold coordination of subtle energies to achieve said desire. The world is a complex weaving of energies and within the Grand Tapestry your will spins its web, intertwining itself with other aspects of the web of life, each one striving for new inroads to accomplish what it will. There are always responses coming to you from the Creation. If you pay attention to them you will find a smoother pathway to bring about your dreams, but you must pay attention. Not all things are created with difficulty but those things that are, are often the stuff that makes life worthwhile. They are often the things that are closest to ones Heart. So, walk forward with Faith into the unknown territory and remain open to receive the blessings that life has to offer you. You will find yourself fulfilled beyond measure if you have the courage to walk the path and see it through.
I Am St. Germain