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Cat portrait

And so it is now a week since my Cassie passed away. She was almost 20 years young. Not bad. She was spunky and full of life up until the last couple of weeks. Her purr could be heard on the next block. She was one of those sweet, white and fluffy types. Her self-appointed positions included secretary extraordinare, wardrobe consultant and reliable alarm clock. She always performed these tasks well and with gusto.

So here is the picture I used to do her pet portrait:


Cassie photograph


And here is the portrait I did from it:


Cassie Pet Portrait


I still have her brother Thor. I hope he sticks around for a bit. Took this recently:


He’s a real sweetheart.

I am the fortunate one.

For more info about pet portraits that I do please visit my Pet Portraits page.

Love and Light,



Pet portraits sale

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Father’s Day is around the corner. Give a gift that will last a lifetime. I offer pet portrait gift certificates.

Your order makes a difference. 10% of your pet portrait order will be donated to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. They are the kindest, most compassionate people that I have ever met in the pet industry. They made the passing of my beloved cat Athena, she was 17 1/2, a beautiful, caring experience. I will not forget their incredible genuine caring for me and my cat.

Email me at eeschwege@gmail.com with your interest in having a portrait done.


Pet portrait

Pet portrait

Pastel Pet Portrait by Ellen Eschwege

Pet portrait

Animals are the best


Cassie on her perch

This is an old picture but I like it. When I first brought the new scratching post home, Cassie immediately claimed the top perch as her territory. Athena, not in this picture took up residence at the base. Too funny. Cassie is now 18 1/2 years old. Still playful and going strong, along with her brother Thor.

This is her pet portrait.

Cassie Pet Portrait

Cassie Pet Portrait

I love animals, so I started doing pet portraits. I have a couple more examples on my site. I would greatly appreciate it if you would honestly consider having one done and contacting me. I am trying to build this up so I can do it as a primary source of income. I haven’t been doing it long but you could help me build my portfolio. I have very reasonable rates and I guarantee my work.

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I love animals

I bet you love animals too. I enjoy drawing them.

I do pet portraits in pastels. I have recently lowered my prices to make them accessible to more people.

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Pet portrait

Pet portrait

Contact me at eeschwege@gmail.com to place your order.
I need 2-3 good photos of your pet.
All you need is 50% down and the rest upon final approval.
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Thanks and have a great day.


Art in Palm Beach County

There is a thriving arts community here. Something that I find very attractive about the area. I have only been living here a little over a year but I have already met a lot of people in the arts field and started exhibiting locally. Quite amazing.

I love visiting the local galleries to see what other artists are doing. On Tuesday, my curiosity brought me to the Palm Beach Cultural Council Gallery in Lake Worth, FL. Here’s the link for more info
https://www.palmbeachculture.com/council-events/current-gallery-exhibitions . Enjoyed most of what I saw. Should have taken pictures to share some comments on what I saw. Oh well, next time. Live and learn. I particularly enjoyed the solo exhibits by Barbara Wasserman and Muriel S. Kaplan. Nice work.

My interests in art, as far as what I like to paint/draw, range from animals and landscapes to spiritual abstracts. I started doing pet portraits a couple of years ago and would like to pursue this further. Here is one of my works:

Pet portrait

Pet portrait

If you are interested in having a pet portrait done, please contact me at eeschwege@gmail.com . Please share this post and pass it on to any animal or art lovers out there. Your help is appreciated.

Long summer

I am sure that I am not the only one going through a lot this summer. I am making progress, albeit slow progress, but it’s better than not making any headway at all. I am fortunate in my family and friends for the help and support that I have received. The universe has been kind to me in many ways. I have endeavored to keep a positive attitude throughout despite several curveballs thrown at me. I know that I am always alright but enough with the curveballs, it’s time for me to spread my wings and take flight.

So, I did a pet portrait a couple of months ago but didn’t post it for some reason. Here it is:

Pet portrait

Pet portrait