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Getting back in the studio

I have been away for a long time and now I am where I can create again.
Setting up the studio yesterday was a step back toward being myself. I have
so many ideas for painting that it is hard to know where to start. I am inspired by many things. Nature is probably at the top of the list. I love doing abstracts but I want to explore some new territory. Portraits interest me a great deal. This painting is a visionary piece I did a few years ago. It is called Earth Spirit. More to come soon.




Final drawing

After a few tweeks, I decided it was finished. It’s from a photo taken around 1945, earlier than I thought but found notation that dates it better. She was 19 then. I just like the casual grace of her pose as she leans against the tree.



Thoughts over morning coffee. Be myself. Wondering what that means and how to do that now. Needing to keep going, find the way, keep taking the steps in this lengthy transformational process. Encouraged by some progress being made, I did a pet portrait for someone that came out really well, but being distracted by life issues that could be solved if I would focus on what I know is right for me to do. Worry and concern over these issues is not constructive, so I keep the faith and push on through. You know, the journey, keep walking and keep the goal in mind and eventually things will fall into place. My guides keep telling me to be patient.

Give it time. Take the steps.